Katamari Prince Amigurumi


When the idea was first pitched in a meeting to create a game where the player rolls up the world to make new stars, do you think anyone actually thought it was a good idea? Crazily enough, it turns out it was. Katamari Damacy is certainly one of the oddest, and yet most enjoyable, games I’ve played. So next up in my crochet amigurumi adventures is the Katamari Prince.


I’ve seen a couple of patterns for a Katamari Prince, but the finished plushies were all fairly small. I wanted mine to be bigger and hence this pattern was born. He’s around 10 1/2 inches tall when he’s sitting (not including his antenna) and 20 inches if I include both the antenna and legs.

I’ve beenĀ planningĀ to make one of the adorable magnetic katamari balls for awhile, but now I’m worried if I do, that this little fellow will roll up my apartment.

Want your own Katamari Prince? The pattern can be found on my pattern page.