Perler Bead Vault Boy

I was coveting Fallout 4 on Steam the other day (I’m currently playing Witcher 3 and Diablo 3, so no new games for me, yet) and stumbled across this screenshot from the game:

Fallout 4 Vault Boy screenshot

Oh Bethesda, pixel artists everywhere thank you. Out came the perler beads and in no time at all I had my own beaded Vault Boy:

Perler bead vault boy

Who knew post-apocalyptic could look so adorable?

Crochet Book Haul

As a former librarian, I’m a complete sucker for books. Yes, I realize the internet can provide endless knowledge and inspiration for crafters, but for me, there is nothing quite like wandering through my bookshelf flipping through page after page of beautiful craft ideas, or pulling that one well loved, heavily used, tome to your craft from the shelf to help you through a new technique (or remind you of one you haven’t tried in awhile).

Much though I prefer the act of crocheting to the act of knitting, with my recent crochet binge I quickly discovered that my bookshelf is full of knitting books and a little lacking in the crochet department. I decided I should remedy that.

Since I’m, apparently, a little indecisive, here’s what arrived at my door.

Pile of crochet books

I just had to share the haul.

What’s in the pile?

Watch for book reviews to come as I start working my way through this pile. And if you have a favourite book you think no crafter should be without (not just limited to crochet since I enjoy a wide range of crafts), I’d love to hear about it.