True Love

I bought a sewing machine. I’m not sure this will turn out to be a good life decision. I’m completely obsessed.

I now start every day by groggily rolling out of bed due to staying up too late sewing the night before. I curse the fact that I have to go to work because my job is seriously cutting into my precious sewing time. I spend all day at work desperately trying to focus on the tasks in front of me and not my next sewing project.

I rush home after work and immediately dive into a sewing project.
Dinner? No problem, I’ll send the husband out for subs, scarf one down, and keep on sewing.
Housework? Okay, so I didn’t do much of that before. No real change there.
Video games? Yes, even the time suck that previously ate the most hours of my life has almost completely disappeared from my world.

My iron has never seen so much use, there are thread pieces all over my floor, and my back may be permanently curved from hunching over my sewing table all day, but I’m in love. And true love sometimes requires sacrifice.

Janome Sewist 525S

Here’s my new baby. She’s one of the Janome school model machines. There’s nothing fancy about her, but she does everything I need and more. I’ve named her Suki which is the Japanese verb for “to like” or “to love”.1

I really will try to start posting some of the items I’m making. But let’s be honest, that’s just more time I’m not sewing 🙂



1 According to the Internet, which is always correct, right?