Crochet Snowflakes

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a page on the Crochet Crowd’s website soliciting crocheted snowflakes to help Diva Dan build a full size igloo at this year’s Creativ Festival. The festival runs from October 15-17 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m planning to spend all three days at the festival (and I’m insanely excited since I’ve never been before), so how could I resist whipping up a few snowflakes when I’ll actually get to see the final result?

It turns out that snowflakes are super fun to make (even in the Summer!), and I had a blast varying the pattern, hook size, and yarn to make each one unique.

Here’s the final set:

Group of crocheted snowflakes

And close-ups of some of my favourites:

Crocheted snowflake Crocheted snowflake Crocheted snowflake Crocheted snowflake Crocheted snowflake Crocheted snowflake

Oh, and did you know that October 17th is I Love Yarn Day? What better way to spend the day than at a craft conference?

5 thoughts on “Crochet Snowflakes

  1. These are absolutely charming! I’m trying to choose a favourite…..really tough…..I think maybe the third one. I hope you are planning to make more so you have some for your own Christmas tree!


    • I love these snowflakes too and I have a few acquired years ago at some Christmas shop ( maybe Frankenmuth?) but mine need some TLC now perhaps a wash and spray starch to freshen them up! Xo. Great work Danna!


  2. Thank you all! I may make more as Christmas decorations since I didn’t use up all of the yarn I bought, but to be allowed on my Christmas tree I’d have to come up with a way to make them geek themed! I’ll share pics of my geek themed ornament collection when I haul out my Christmas stuff this year.


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