Loop Start at the Front

I’ve been a fan of the loop start method in cross stitch since I learned it about a year ago. That is until recently, when I learned the even more awesome loop start in the front method. I’m a total convert so I thought I would share it.

Here’s a basic cross stitch square. We’re going to start a new thread by making the first half of a stitch from A to B:

Cross stitch square

Step 1: Cut a piece of floss double the length that you would normally work with. Separate out a single strand of floss. Fold the floss in half and thread the open end through the needle.

Doubled up thread passed through needle

Step 2: Pass the needle from the front of the fabric to the back of the fabric through hole A, leaving a loop at the front of the work.

Insert needle from front to back through first hole

Step 3: Bring the needle back up through hole B.

Bring needle back through second hole to front

Step 4: Pass the tip of the needle through the thread loop.


Step 5: Pull the thread tight.

Pull thread tight

Step 6: Pass the needle back down through hole B.

Pass needle back down through second hole

Step 7: Pull the stitch tight. This will force the knot to the back of the work.

Pull stitch tight

Voila! The new thread is secured and you didn’t have to access the back of the work. How cool is that?

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