Chain Mail Jewellery

I spent yesterday morning at a fantastic chain mail jewellery workshop. It was taught by Cherida McCullagh of Canadian Made Creations as part of the Huron County Creative Arts Festival. I came away from the workshop with the knowledge of two basic chain mail weaves and enough supplies to complete two bracelets.

The first weave is a basic Byzantine. Here’s the finished bracelet and a close-up of the weave:

Chain maille Byzantine weave bracelet

Chain maille Byzantine bracelet close-up

The second weave is called Rhinos Snorting Drano (gotta love the names people come up with!):

Chain maille bracelet Rhinos Snorting Drano

Chain maille bracelet Rhinos Snorting Drano close-up

Both bracelets are made with 18-gauge, 3/16 inch (inner diameter) rings. The silver rings are stainless steel and the coloured rings are anodized aluminum.

Cherida has been making chain mail jewellery for four years after attending a jewellery workshop herself and falling in love with the craft. She is an excellent instructor and her passion for the art is contagious.

Chain mail is definitely fiddly and hard on the hands, so I have a new admiration for anyone attempting to make an entire suit of armour. But I enjoyed making the bracelets and am amazed by the vast number of weaves that have been created, and how many different looking products can be made with something as simple as jump rings. I certainly see more chain mail jewellery in my future.

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